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Another Annual in the Bag


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Just finished my annual today, it all went great.  I did it the same way I did last year, my local A&P supervised and I did as much of the work as I can.  No major squawks found, but here are some results:


1) Fuel filter inspected, cleaned and replaced.  There was a tiny amount of crumbly grit in the filter, very little for two years of steady flying.  Very acceptable, it could have probably gone another 5 years at that rate.


2)  It was time for an oil change anyway, so I took the opportunity to clean out the oil tank.  A little messy and time consuming, but not hard.  There was just a little bit of sludge in the bottom, I'm assuming from the leaded fuel I had to use going to Oshkosh and Page last year.  All told it was probably a tablespoon or two, about the consistency of hot fudge.  I mopped out the gunk then sloshed a little unleaded gasoline in the bottom of the tank, and wiped it out to bright and shiny.


3)  We did the gearbox friction torque test.  Normal values are 300-530 inch pounds, and mine came out at 462.5 inch pounds, just on the high side smack in the middle.  Perfect!


4)  We also did a standard leak down compression test on a warm engine.  I've heard various sources say to use 80psi or 86psi for the Rotax 912 series.  We used 80psi since it seems to be pretty standard for aviation engines.  Results were just about perfect:


#1 79/80

#2 78/80

#3 78/80

#4 79/80


Most of the rest was the standard FD and Rotax check lists of "inspect this" or "lube that".  As I said, no major issues found, and so N509CT is ready for another year of aviation adventures!

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