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With the new timing from flywheel you must add some throttle on hot start, it is

different from the other flywheel, very low RPM with closed throttle, until the

modules kick in,add about 1/4 inch on throttle for hot start, perfect start.If

you haven't seen the difference between old verses new flywheel it's quite

different. Just FYI

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Hi Procharger,


It doesn't add any throttle. It just goes from 3 degrees ATDC to 26 degrees BTDC with a 4-5 second delay..


Your old modules and flywheel setup started at 4 degrees BTDC and then immediately on start went to 26 degrees BTDC. There was no delay here.


The carb fuel flow never changes unless you do it.

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Roger what I am saying is with all the changes, now if I start it after it's warmed up

if throttle is fully closed it runs at 900 rpm until the modules kick in then goes to

1700 rpm, I need to open throttle a little so its starts with more RPMs then back off

when modules catch up then its 1700 RPM if that makes any since. Yes I know

I should open the throttle anyway on a warmed up engine thanks. Most engines

when you add some extra timing RPM will pick up, if its starting at 3 degrees ATDC

with new modules and the flywheel adds another 4 degrees is that a total of 7 ATDC

start until modules kick in to make it 26 BTDC am I thinking right? I am thinking with

the retarded timing, engine should be slower at the first 4 or 5 seconds then it picks

up to correct idle or RPM. With the old flywheel and new modules it would start

up at 1300 with throttle closed then go to 1700 after the 4 second delay.

I know it doesn't add throttle it adds timing which equals more RPM?

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All you need to remember is it starts now at 3 degrees ATDC and then advances to 26 degrees BTDC. Those are the only two numbers.

Your days of 4 degrees before BTDC on start are gone. This makes for an easier start, but runs rough until it switches over and because the change from 3 degrees ATDC to 26 BTDC it picks up rpm because it smooths out with the timing correction.



Thanks Corey, fixed.

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