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Working On ignition today


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I purchased the Dr. RoTech engine analyzer hooked it up today it

shows no problems, with the coils, triggers, etc. I hooked up one new module

at a time  I had all the plugs grounded then turned engine over

only saw 2 plugs firing. I then changed one male plug over to the other

female plug than I had 4 plugs firing. I then removed the module and plugged

in the other module and still had 4 plugs firing so both are good.I then plugged

the other module back in along with the other one and checked all plugs, only

6 are firing, the 2 that are not are on bottom of 3 and 4 cylinders.

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The leads may have been pulled on and they came loose from the coils or boots, or the wire leading to the coil pack might be bad.


They boots and the coils have screws that the leads attach to. Unscrew them and make sure you don't have broken wires. They only have a couple thin little wires in the center, so do this with great care.


You can test the leads with a megger if you feel so inclined, but usually a continuity test from the coil side through the boot will tell you a lot.


Let me boot up the computer first before doing anything and check the ignition diagram. I think 3 and 4 bottom share the same coil.


EDIT: yes they do. I bet that coil isn't getting a connection from module A. Check connectors. The ignition coils use metal distributor bars instead of wires, make sure none of those are broken. You will have to take the two modules off (two screws) to see what is going on with the coil packs and distribution.

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