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Time to unplug the Tanis

Ed Cesnalis

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We got obliterated with a blizzard last weekend.... roads shut down, people stranded, the whole deal... this weekend has been 60ish, 40-50mph wind gusts, little rain, little hail.. typical spring weirdness.. might be in the clear soon, but then again it's CO so we might get another blizzard in a few weeks... fingers crossed that we'll have a few moments of that 'in between' before it goes from freezing to 90+


That shot of the lakes is beautiful btw

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I cursed the planet, it has snowed over 10 days since I recently unplugged my Tanis.  The next Glaciation is upon us and its my fault.  :apology-1312:


On my way to plug it back in so I can go flying in the morning in between snow squalls. 





But wait...we have record warming...so maybe it's a hologram outside....Not snow...in June.

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