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Property in E TN (Knoxville area)


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Karen and I live in N GA, but would love to have a base of operations nearer to Knoxville.

She's been shopping around, and stumbled upon this:
That's fronting on the Tennessee River in a rapidly growing part of TN. Permit was already obtained for a dock, though that expired.
We visited it yesterday. What we envision is a strip at least long enough for our Sky Arrow, and a hangar large enough to house at least the Sky Arrow and to back our travel trailer into as an "apartment". The realtor estimated about $30k to bring in utilities.
It would be a stretch for us to do by ourselves, but with one or two partners we could make it happen. 
1) I know its a long shot, but might anyone be interested in partnering?
2) Does anyone know of similar property/land available in that area?
Thanks in advance - fasteddieb@mac.com if you're interested.
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Thanks, guys.


There are covenants, which would preclude a permanent trailer. Probably not be an issue is stored outside a permanent structure, like a hangar, or even inside it.


Part of the property does lie in a 50 year flood plain, part in a 100 year. It's about 30' down to the Tennessee river in normal times.

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You NEED to check with the local county. While the FAA controls airspace and public fields, the county can still prohibit an airfield in the first place. Local guy with a CTSW found that out the hard way when he wanted to open his land to airplanes, and his neighbors all got together and had it blocked on BS reasons, such as "the field could be used for terrorist activities". The compromise ended up being that only he can use the land.

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That is certainly a consideration.


Interestingly, on the same peninsula, some maps are showing an airstrip already:




Hard to see on the map, and the realtor was not aware of it.


But, yes, we would make sure a strip would be permitted.

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