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Ed Cesnalis

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I had a memorable flight, I have crossed Saline Valley many times but this was the first time it was the focus of my trip and I was awestruck by the beauty. This stock photo is a good example.




and this




So I was trying out Garmin Pilot on my tablet and headed for the chicken strip using the coordinates that I found 5 different places on the web.




Yup used those cooridnates from this official sign located at this federally operated strip and it was off by 20 miles.  It took me a while to figure it out and the wrong coordinates occupy the same spot in the north end of Panimint Valley that the chicken strip occupies in the north end of Saline Valley and I see where the wrong numbers came from.


Whoever made this sign pointed at a chart after visiting the site and did a pretty fair job pinpointing it but missed by 20some miles and now those wrong numbers are published on a lot of web sites.


Below is adjacent Eureka Valley.  We used to hold full moon fly-ins that included moonlight paragliding launches off of the dunes, highest dunes in north America I think.



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