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Triple Tree Aerodrome


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Hey all...


Yesterday I had my second chance to visit Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00) in Woodruff, SC for the "Tailwheel and Fabric Lunch Fly-In".  I don't have a tailwheel, but they said they were happy for all airplanes to attend.  


Triple Tree Aerodrome is a private airport built and run by the Hartness brothers, who made a fortune in bottling plants and equipment.  Their love of aviation drove them to make Triple Tree and put the land in a special trust, so the 430 acre property can never be used for anything other than aviation use.  They have a P-51D, a C-47 transport, and many other rare and interesting airplanes (all in restored flying condition) on the airfield.  


Some of the events are large enough that SC00 has created an Oshkosh-style approach procedure, which can be viewed here:




It's a pretty simple procedure, and coordinates are provided for all the waypoints to plug into your GPS.  Essentially you cross over midpoint of the field at 1700ft MSL, then make either left traffic for runway 3 or right traffic for 21.


Here's a video of the approach.  They want traffic in tight (no farther out than the far edge of the lake you can see in the video).  Because I was one of the first ones there and there was nobody else around, I made a very tight pattern and basically did a 180° turn from downwind to final.  I also landed very long, because parking was at the far end and I'd rather fly than taxi!   :)


Camera is under the left wing, there is a little bow to the wing because I was using the GoPro "Medium" setting, which is slightly wide angle:




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