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Upgraded & Updated Avionics & Plane

NC Bill

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After 8 years, 750 TT, and numerous avionics techs' slippery screwdriver gashes, I decided to change my panels when I did the ADS-B upgrade. For ADS-B I chose the DYNON system: 2020 GPS + 261 integrated transponder. I also upgraded the autopilot from Trutrak VS II to the new Vision 385 with a Level button. On the Center panel the GTX-330 was removed and a Gizmo mount with 15 degree offset was added. Nothing was added on right or lower panels. However, I did add a GDL-39 on the glareshield to provide ADS-B tx & wx on my Garmin 696 and iPad. For the exterior I had cracks repaired and all the paint dings on the wheel pants and the leading edges were addressed. To me - she looks brand new! And all for less than FL sales tax (6%) on a new CTLS.


The old panel


post-217-0-72988900-1466356390_thumb.jpg post-217-0-64892600-1466356394_thumb.jpg post-217-0-97890900-1466356397_thumb.jpg post-217-0-75273900-1466356401_thumb.jpg


The new panel


post-217-0-99844600-1466356761_thumb.jpg post-217-0-24012300-1466356766_thumb.jpg post-217-0-18003000-1466356770_thumb.jpg post-217-0-10131000-1466356776_thumb.jpg


For those readers who haven't seen my recent posts on transceivers, the absence of the SL-40 on the new panel is the result of it going TU as I switched from ground to tower freq while taxiing to confirm ops status. It'll be a looong 2 weeks waiting for it to be returned.


Questions or comments are welcome. I learned a bit during the past 6 weeks. And made some mistakes and several changes along the way.


Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

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