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Hey everyone..  I am the founder of LightSport Man which is going to be at the following URLS.. It would be great if everyone can LIKE my pages...   I am going to be documenting my path on becoming a Light Sport Pilot then a Light Sport CFIS.





Website: https://lightsportman.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightsportman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lightsportman

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Welcome Johnathan... er LightSportMan!


Nice website and facebook pages.


I see you are in the neighborhood, we should get together sometime.  You should definitely check out the CT/LSA fly-in coming up mid-October in Page AZ.  Some of the best flying you'll ever experience, and a great group of LSA folks.


You might find some of the things at azctflyer.com useful for local flying.

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