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2 Bose A20 Headsets - Panel Powered $1000 Gets 2!


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I just took delivery of my new Jubilee CTLSi that came with 2 new Bose A20 Headsets.  The new headsets make my 2010 vintage A20's obsolete.  Now selling here - 2 panel powered lemo headsets for the price of $1000.00 delivered to your door!   I just used these for my bi annual flight review, I know they work fine.  Bought at Oshkosh in July of 2010, they are low hour.  One headset is missing one of the 2 clips to attach the controls to your shirt or plane (I attached them to the black fabric behind the seats) and both headsets are missing the little auxillary audio cable input (I used blue tooth so not sure what happened to the little cables).   If you want those, they are 12.95 on the Bose Website.   These are 6 pin panel powered, Bose sells dual GA adapters for $59 each if you want to go old school.


Contact me via email acoffey1964@gmail.com or cell, 661 755 8348.  Due to family schedule and holiday I won't be able to ship until July 8th.  They are listed on ebay for $1100.  Knocking 100 off for CT Flier Forum Members.







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