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Brakes and sensors

Al Downs

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Are the brake pads and discs the same for regular wheel and tundra wheels the same?


Is Dynon the only source for EGT and CHT sensors?


The brakes from the factory are the same for tundra versus standard wheels.  The sensors are supplied by Rotax for the fuel injected version.

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Hi Al,


If you have the 912UL or ULS you can buy all your probes and senders through a Rotax service center, Dynon or my favorite is Egauges.com.

If you have an old Flydat system then only through Rotax.


If it is for the 912iS then use a Roax Service center.


Wheels are all 6" for the mains and fit the 4.00x6 or the 6.00x6 tire.

The front wheel is either a 4" or a 6".

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