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Need to do repairs? I found a filler that's amazing

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An engineer friend showed me this stuff. He worked for DuPont for years and now builds custom drones out of carbon fiber.
The stuff is called USC Icing. http://uschem.com/index.cfm?page=productDetail&id=57. This is the hardener for it if you run out of the stuff that's included: http://uschem.com/index.cfm?page=productDetail&id=64&pid=1
It spreads as smooth as actual icing. It really is incredibly easy to sand, and the biggest benefit is it doesn't gum up my sandpaper like other things I've tried. Thanks to this stuff, I was able to produce, for the first time, a very good repair patch that's hard to detect.
I have a can of bondo that's going to go to waste now...

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