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Cam lock fasterner is stuck

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I have a 2005 CTSW.  There were three cam lock fasteners that would regularly fall out.  A couple of flights ago, I noticed after the flight that one of the three "loose" fasteners had popped up.  Now that I think about it, I am surprised that it had not fallen out during flight.  It was a little stiff but went back into place with a screwdriver.  After the last flight, I noticed it had popped out again (see photo #1 below).  This time, I could not get it to move.  


The location is on the top cowl, the pilot's side and closest to the bottom of the pilot's door.  I can not turn it with a screwdriver and it will not push into the airframe either.  It will wiggle just a little vertically from the perspective of photo #2.  


The other screws seem to be getting looser with age as well.  Since I could not remove the cowl, I was unable to determine if there are washers in place as discussed in another thread.  I tried searching the forum, but this seems to be a new issue here.  


As always, thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!  







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Remove all the others and gently lift the cowl and see if you can see down into this corner to see what is hanging up.


Or a little variation on Corey's idea. 

You might try a drop of oil down under the screw head and allow it to penetrate down inside. Then put a screwdriver on top and give it a gentle smack or two and see if it breaks it free.

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