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Fuel Sight Gauge that works - always


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I recently had to remove the wings for the 200 hr inspection procedure, so decided to fix the useless and unreadable Fuel Sight Gauges (Plastic Tubes) once and for all.


I purchased 2 Stock "Jabiru" Fuel Sight Gauges. Slight modification is required in that one end of the Jabiru Gauge requires the hose-tail cutting off, tapping a thread and installing a plug with sealant. If doing a second time I would mount the Gauge up the other way as the lower section always has fuel in it that is below the "Empty" reading.


The bracket is fabricated from 3 mm (1/8") thick plastic using a heat gun and wooden blocks for shaping. Two Rivnuts are installed in the upper sidewall and a 1/2" hole drilled above the "viewing cut-out" so that it is horizontal from the top supply tube - see photo "ready for installation".


The wing root cover plate requires removal and the two original hose-tails (3/8"X 1/8" NPT) removed and replaced with 1/4" hose-tails X 1/8" NPT fittings - see photos "Cover Plate". That's the original hose-tail beside the wing root cover plates.


Because of dihedral only the lower half of the tank contents can be indicated... but they are the figures that keep you alive anyway. Each tank requires calibrating to find relative levels on the new Gauge for each wing.


No more "brown and unreadable" Fuel Sight Gauges! The fuel quantity in the photo is showing 22 litres and is readily readable from either seat.

post-176-004846100 1290327469_thumb.jpg

post-176-073851800 1290327487_thumb.jpg

post-176-066231400 1290327525_thumb.jpg

post-176-020143000 1290327538_thumb.jpg

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