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Cirrus Fuel System


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To be precise:


Cirrus POH Sect 3 (Emergency Procedures) "the electric fuel pump will not supply sufficient pressure if the engine driven pump COMPLETELY fails...selecting high boost/prime will CLEAR the problem if vapor in injection lines is the problem OR [will provide sufficient pressure] if the engine driven fuel pump has PARTIALLY failed."


The factory tells new owners (and the checklist in the POH documents part of this) that the boost pump be on during approach to land, taxiing, and on takeoff until cruise is reached.  The factory CSIPS say the boost pump should be left on at all times (since the motor has a long life) for safety reasons.  And the boost pump should always be on full-time above 18k feet.


The FD Aux pump will also clear vapor in the lines...I am not sure but I believe the CTLSi has dual mechanical engine driven fuel pumps (Roger?).


I am including a full technical description of the fuel system for completeness. 

Fuel System.pdf

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