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Garmin GPSMap 396 Updating Cable


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Am trying to update my GPSMap 396: database, s/w, etc,


but I do not have a cable to connect to the desktop




Garmin phone support is too busy.


Anyone know of a solution, or have an extra 


cable laying around.




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It's basically a USB to mini-USB cable, though from my experience not all will work.


My Garmin cable has a thicker, cylindrical portion that may provide a clue as to why some simpler cables may not work.


Might I suggest eBay?


In an emergency I could send you mine, but I'd want it back when you're done.

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Let me reiterate - in my experience, not just any cable will do. I've tried many that will not "see" the GPS when plugged in.

This can happen because of cheap cables or an OS that is having problems detecting the device.


I find USB hubs to be particularly bad offenders; if it doesn't work in the hub, then plug it directly into a usb port on the computer.

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Here's the latest:


I found an old cable that I used to

update the auto/car Nuvi GPS.


then forced it in to the 396; the "not see"

the GPS in the directory tree on the desktop

was in effect, but the "flygarmin.com" sofware detected it,

and the file GPSMAP396_570 was downloaded / executed /

installed on the 396 ( after a few worrisome completion messages appeared ).

Took it out to the Sedona dark sky, waited awhile for

sat. acquisitions, then bingo, back in business with

ver. 5.70 ( 2014 ).


Thanks to all for the suggestions and guidance.





"never throw away anything, unless divorce is threatened"

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'Nothing proprietary about the Garmin cable... USB mini.  Yes, cables can look different, and there are some cheap-o cables that might have been meant for only charging or only data, but generally any mini cable will work.

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