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4 camera angles vs 2 at 24 mega pixels - Mornin Coffee flight

Ed Cesnalis

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Someone here that does very professional videos told me that they had to go to 3 cameras I believe.  My videos shot out the right window are really boring in that regard. Then it hit me, a simple editing technique could double the cameras.  


Here's the new version, this is a technique you can use in your CT. 


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Beautiful - as always.


A small thing: maybe just choose one transition and use that almost exclusively. Otherwise a viewer can start to wonder, "What transition's coming next?" which is distracting.


I tend to like the "Cross fade" or "Cross blur" for most transitions. Other's preferences may vary, of course.

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??? using zoomed versions of footage???



Ahhhh, no.



This video was done with a single Sony Handycam 24MP with stabilization.  My passenger shot the video out of the right vent.  If we ignore the tilts you get 2 angles:

  1. 90* gives you a right side fly by.
  2. 45* gives you a right side approach.

I had 15 scenes flying a box pattern flight all shot out the right window and whether you think about it or not your mind gets the same camera, same angle, just next thing down the line over and over.


I just spent $4,500 on a camera and lens and I want to multiply its effect but not  buy more of them.  Then it hit me, what if I played the video backwards?


Of the 15 scenes I played about 6-7 of them backwards and now the right fly by looks like a left flyby and now a 45 approach from the right looks like a 45 departure from the left.  It now feels like 4 cameras instead of 1or2.  If we shoot from both sides it will feel like 8 cameras using 1.   :)

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