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FD Website Hacked


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Dear Partners, Customers and Friends!

Our web page www.flightdesign.com was recently hacked and they destroyed the index page by accident. This required time for us to research the event, find out what happened and then rebuild it. We consider providing service and technical support for our aircraft as one of our most important responsibilities.


The site has returned to service.  




Why would anyone want to do something like this to a non-commerce web site?

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It's Flight Design.com which is the corporate website but has a USA domain.  FDUSA has a different website, correct.  Which makes this incident all the more important since Flight Design in Germany is corporate and is the entity undergoing all the trouble.  I can't change the title to be FD Website Hacked...but the message is still the same...and I did post the information and give the link to the proper website hacked.


You can change the title if you use the full editor and edit your first post.

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