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Lead removal additive

NC Bill

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Anyone know (or guess) the shelf life of Decalin?


I called them but no answer.


Sent them the question by email but no answer in 3 days.


No real shelf life concern.  I used the same bottle for 2 years (about half of it) with no problems and gave that bottle to the new owner.   You don't use much and only really need it when you can't get Mogas 91.  So you may need some on a trip.  I put a little in a glass baby bottle to carry on trips.  The plastic bottle will be affected by air pressure changes so you don't carry the main bottle on trips unless you want to lose some out the top.  You can also get a small measuring tube at any drug store to use to measure...put both in a plastic freezer bag for travel.

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The DECLAIN website has this suggestion for users of RunUp - the replacement product for the original Declain.


Make sure you remove and clean your oxygen sensor every 20 hours to remove these lead phosphate deposits when using Decalin RunUp.


What, if anything, does that mean for 912 owners?

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94UL Unleaded Avgas is now available from Swift Fuels.  Might be easier for your airport to sell.  It replaces Mogas, and 80 Avgas.  Being Avgas it has a better vapor pressure, and gum index than mogas, and of course no ethanol.


It is basically 100LL without the lead. Is better for engines like the O-235, and Rotax.


For more information:




You might contact your local FBO and request it.


Hope that helps,



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