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first time owner things to buy; random questions


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This is my first post here at ctflier. I am set to take delivery of a CTSW within the next 9-12 days, and am finalizing the list of the things i will need to buy.


This will be the my first airplane, and i am a new pilot. I live in Michigan, and will need to equip this plane for the frigid temperatures we deal with up here.


Below is the list of items i am planning to purchase so as to be properly equipped to take possession of the plane. I have no children, and this plane will be filling that role for the time being! :)  i want to be certain i have everything covered to keep it tip-top.


·         Cockpit

o   Headset (2)

·         Cleaning

o   Composiclean:

§  Wax

§  Bucket wash

o   Oil Eater

o   210 plexi cleaner

o   Microfiber Rags

·         Engine

o   Cold weather related:

§  Tanis block heater

§  Metal Tape

§  Tanis battery heater?

§  Cetek 3300?

o   Sport Aero 4

o   spark plugs

o   Dexcool 50-50

o   Oil filters

·         Preflight

o   GATS fuel tester with sump

o   Fuel tank level dipstick

o   Digital tire pressure gauge

o   Collapsible foot stool

·         Miscellaneous

o   Flight design t-shirt and hat  :D


Did I miss anything?




Secondly, I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to the things i can expect to be mildly to wildly different from a sportcruiser, which is the plane i got my license in, and have done all my flying in thus far. Flight characteristics etc.



thanks in advance!

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Quick thoughts...


Use 93 octane mogas and fuel the plane in your hangar. So, you'll need 2 to 4 five gallon Tuff Jugs to carry fuel from gas station to hangar.


If you plan on burning 100LL then buy Decalin to reduce the lead. 1/2 oz. per 10 gals of 100LL


A transceiver is very useful especially if you're located on a field with AWOS.

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I think you are already ahead of the power curve. 


You are doing the right thing by all your planning and there is a lot of good knowledge on this forum.


If you are familiar with a "SPOT" that might be a good safeguard for emergency conditions or just family tracking your flight.


As in any cold weather situation, In the winter I would have a shelter of some kind with me at all times.  Just a space blanket can be of big help and they are very light weight.


I grew up in Big Rapids, MI and I know how cold and blustery it can get.


You should have a blast flying around the midwest and when you get your feet on the ground, plan a trip to Page, AZ for the annual Fly In.  There you will see amazing scenery and make friends for life.


Welcome to the forum.  I am camping with Roger now.

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This is my first post here at ctflier.




You will want tie-downs if traveling from home.   The canvas type are best.  Make sure you have the empannage sling tie down the factory supplies.  And a foldable windshield protector to keep the dash protected when tied down on the ramp. 


You could use ProLong carbon boat cleaner....and Plexus for the plexiglass.  Isopropyl alcohol to get off stains.  You will need a funnel with a long flexible neck to put in oil.  If doing your own oil changes you will need oil plug compression washers along with filters.

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I fly a CTsw in Iowa.  There are several paths for cold outside air to enter the cabin.  You will notice these pretty quickly (e.g., the hole in which the fuel sight gage is located).  Many pilots use clear packing tape over these holes to block entry of cold air.  It makes a big difference in very cold weather.


Did your sportcruiser have an oil thermostat?  If your CT does not have one, then you may need to put one or more sections of soft aluminum foil tape on the radiator to maintain head temperatures.  This is a common practice for those of us who do not have oil thermostats and who fly in the winter.  You will have to use a bit of trial and error to get the correct amount of tape.  (Right, I see now that you have metal tape on your list).


Lots of folks like the Tanis heater.  I use a less expensive Reif heater with a blanket over the cowling.  Oil temp on start is around 60 degrees F even on zero degree F mornings.  The airplane is hangared. 


Enjoy your new airplane!

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Welcome aboard MI.


I am guessing that you are awaiting a delivery from Tucson.

That may be the best used CT in the fleet.


I bought from there a year ago, and am having good



See Forumn Info, 

General Info about the CT

for some detailed specs on care and maintenance.



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Quick thoughts...


Use 93 octane mogas and fuel the plane in your hangar. So, you'll need 2 to 4 five gallon Tuff Jugs to carry fuel from gas station to hangar.




I saw this the other day and let it go, but it has been bugging me ever since.


I think fueling inside the hangar is a bad idea.

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CTMI, welcome.  I'm in Michigan and keep my CT in Ypsilanti at KYIP airport.  There's quite a few CT's in this area.  My phone number is 734.512.3467 and email is reh3335@yahoo.com.  Call or send a message anytime if you have questions.  If you haven't done so already, go thru the postings here in your spare time and bookmark those that interest you or that have important information.  There is a wealth of information here for Light Sport flying and maintenance.


If you might give us your first name when you post and let us know where you keep your CT, it would be helpful.

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Yes, welcome to the forum.

My home airport is in Fargo,ND. I have flown in -10 before, but have turned into a wimp and don't go unless it is at least +10 these days. If you hangar you might find a Switchbox or other cellphone operated switch handy. If it looks like a good flying day the night before I will turn on the heater (and a small interior heater) from home. Then when the forecast is wrong I don't have to go out to shut it off, I either can use my cell to shut the heaters off or it will time out at the time I set.

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  • 4 years later...

I have used WEMO plugs since we got WIFI in the hangar. 
before that I used a beeper box with an old iPhone 6. 

Id sell the beeper box & iPhone if anyone is interested. 
they need to go as a pair unless you want to try to figure out the ringtone that makes the box come on.  

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