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Now that weird! Battery Edition

NC Bill

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CTLS is on a trickle charger in its hangar for 10 days.


Reinstall SV700 PFD with it's new circuit board fresh from DYNON. 


Turn on MASTER for less than 3 minutes to configure PFD per instructions. Config checks fine as all components are seen by both DYNONS. Turn OFF MASTER. Power OFF both DYNONS early by pressing POWER OFF button #6 - my usual procedure. All screens and all instrument lights are dark.


Next day I go to fly and the battery reads 10.1v. AND both brand new DYNON backup batteries are depleted.


I start and shutdown using a checklist. EVERY TIME.




Scene 2: Today


Trickle charger brought battery back to useful life overnite. Checked battery voltage on DYNONS this morning - 11.7v Great! AVIONICS MASTER OFF then BATTERY OFF. Press #6 and countdown stops and screens go dark. Leave airport to return 3 hours later to fly.


I remove trickle charger after checking the voltage by turning BATTERY ON then AVIONICS ON. 11.7v again. Turn then OFF. Within 5 minutes I push the plane out of the hangar and close hangar door, and when I get into the plane the PFD screen is ON! 


Any ideas appreciated.

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