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EMS: Amps Reading


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I bought a 2007 CTLS in 2012. I have flown it all over the Hawaiian islands. It is well maintained and hangered.

One thing I have constantly noticed is that ( on the EMS display ) the amperage reading fluctuates almost second to second all over the place--usually, from -8amps to +10 amps. The voltage reading fluctuates just a little bit, almost always in the 12.8V to 13.2V range. The fluctuation on the amp reading is much small when the engine is at taxing rpms ( & always in the green ), but at 5,200rpm cruise it bounces around almost second to second.

And occasionally if the amp reading bounced to -10amps or so---into the red, the red engine light would come on. This is a little bothersome when flying over the ocean, and caused a little worry with my wife today. The engine runs just great, and there are no other issues, but I thought I better ask more knowledgeable people--like you all, what you thought of this...???

Would appreciate your thoughts on this....


Kona Hawaii

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