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Rough Engine


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I flew today and noticed the L and R EGT readings were about 150 degrees apart. Normally they are

10-20 degrees apart. I was concerned but flew around for 30 minutes the airport with the spread staying 100-150 degrees apart. (The Left EGT gauge was the low one). When I throttled back to land the engine became rough. I increased the throttle and the engine smoothed out and the EGT returned to normal 10-20 degrees apart. (appox 1350 degrees) I stayed up around the airport for another 30 minutes with no further problems. After landing did a mag check and they were fine. Plugs have only 3 hours on them just being changed at annual. This is a 2008 CTLS with 550 hours. I have 350 hours in it. I checked the plug wires and all seemed tight. What caused the rough engine?

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ok. thanks. I was thinking only electrical.


A problem like this is more often carburation. Check the simple things first.

Check for the small hose that goes from each carb to the airbox. If one is disconnected the carbs will not stay in balance.

Pull the float bowl and check for debris.

If you can get the airbox disconnected from the carb reach in and make sure the slide is not sticking.

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