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As you know, UK CTSW's are fitted with Warp Drives and I haven't heard of any bad reports regarding them from our side of the pond.


Personally speaking though (!), after about 400 hours, one of the nickel inserts on one of my blades started to just lift a little bit on the underside. I managed to find a 'phone number for Warp Drive direct (as opposed to their distributor) to discuss the issue. A very helpful man told me to clean the area thoroughly with acetone and then use 24 hour epoxy. I did this and clamped the insert whilst the glue was drying but after about 30 hours it started to happen again. The other two blades were still in as-new condition.


I contacted Warp Drive again who told me to send the complete set of blades back so they could do a repair and rebalance them all. Naturally, I was worried about how long this would take! I needn't have worried as I sent them on Monday morning (using their shipping agent and contract number so at no cost to me) and I got them back on Friday of the same week! Incredible service and I'm convinced they gave me a completely new set of blades. If they were the original blades, they certainly sent them back looking like brand new! They said that when they checked the serial numbers, they'd had one or two in that batch with a similar problem. And all this at absolutely no cost to me!


I was so impressed that I wrote a 'proper' hand-written letter of thanks to the the boss telling him how grateful I was with his customer service. I would recommend that American company to anyone!!

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