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"Lubricate the exhaust manifolds-muffler ball joints...


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...with high temperature anti-seize lubricant".


That's one of the items required on my Sky Arrow every 200 hours, and due now.


Any special tips/tricks required for this one? Any handy tools for spring removal?


I assume all ROTAX 912 installations are similar, but my exhaust may vary from the CT is some ways.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Eddie,


No special tricks. Use the copper anti seize. A pair of sturdy long needle nose pliers work. Depending on the 912 setup some spring removal tools will work, but for our CT's there isn't enough room. You may find it easier if you loosen the exhaust head stud nuts. This allows some free movement and will certainly allow reassembly to be easier. This is especially true for CT's. Make sure when the springs are put back on you can get a thumb nail in between the spring coil and then apply a 1/2" wide by a 3/16"-1/4" tall bead of high temp silicone to the entire spring length. Push it into the spring coils. This help stop the pulsation vibration produced by the exhaust gas and will help save your springs and metal exhaust loops. If you have any questions give me a call.

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or you can try this tool for spring removal:




That tool will not work because you will probably get baulked by surrounding metal. What I have done, and worked fairly well. was to grab a good long (up to 48")length of safety wire and loop it around the spring. Then grab both safety wire free ends with a small vise grip; that way you can easily apply STRAIGHT controlled force (usually from above while threading through a maze of obstructions)to lift it free of the loop on the exhaust and use your other hand or a tool to push it sideways. Then let it back away from the loop. This may not be as easy the first time as subsequent times because the spring loop may be facing the wrong way, so plan which way to face it when reinstalling. An extra trick is to use a dremel or file to chamfer the rough cut spring ends in such a way as to help ease them back on when refitting; even a millimetre seems a worthwhile advantage when you are struggling;) Some other old hand I know used a long bootlace in a similar fashion, worked for him he said.

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