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FAA Hypoxia Safety Seminar


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Today I went to an FAA Hypoxia Seminar and got a chance to sit in the portable hypoxia chamber the FAA takes around the country.  The oxygen levels are set to match 30k feet.  The SECOND you sit down in that chamber you quickly feel and learn how disabling and dangerous Hypoxia is...I am still stuffering from a little nasea and headache after five minutes in the chamber and two hours later.


If you are a sea level guy and fly at 8k or above and are over 60 you definitely may want to think about being on oxygen and a cannula.   Or at the least be wearing a pulse-oxymeter and don't allow your oxygen level to fall below 90.  These things are cheap and can be bought online or at a Walmart.


The big lesson being you may THINK you are sharp but you are making mistakes and won't be aware of them....possibly until it's too late.

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