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I have a bad mag drop

Roger Lee

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Food for thought,



I have a bad mag drop,what do I do?


First determine if you have acarburetor problem or a ignition problem; (WHAT?? Yes, the Rotax 9 series dualcarb system can confuse the owner as a carb problem may show up as a high magdrop on one ignition system)




????Run the engine at 4000rpm (approx 1700prop rpm) and perform a mag check. Record the numbers.


????Slowly pull the choke out half way, theRPM should rise about 200 RPM.


????Try the mag drop and record numbers.


????If the problem is worse or better thecarbs are suspect.


????If there is no change the carbs are notsuspect, you likely have an ignition problem.



Ifyou have an ignition problem use the Ignition troubleshooting guide tofind the source.


If you have a carb problemsee Carb troubleshooting



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