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CTLS Flight training and rental in San Francisco Bay Area


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New to the forum, new to flying 40 hours into my PPL training, 12 hours solo so far.  Looking to buy a newer LSA to finish training and get me through the first few years with my PPL.  I've done all the back and forth on rent/buy and I'm a buyer, not a renter.  CTs are very high on my list for reasons that have been discussed by many.  Problem is getting some seat time to get a feel for them.


So, I'l looking to get sometime in a CT, I'm in the SF Bay Area but have had no luck locating anyone local with a CT for rental/training (CFI's familiar with the CTs are around).  I'm willing to take a trip for a few days to get seat time.  Anyone here from neighboring states or in CA have any recommendations on CFI with/access to a CT I can contact?  Looks like there are a few folks out in AZ with CTs, going to assume someone has training CTs out that way.

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