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She's here


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N969CT 2005/2006 CTSW finally arrived today in SC with fresh rubber and fresh chute and rocket. 83 hrs tt.

Transition training starts tomorrow. Pics to follow. 


I  am a bit excited. 


Rich Chesser 


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I'm a newbee with my 07 CTSW. A few newbee tips I learned on my own:


1. Advise from forum members who suggested lining the somewhat left side of the site picture and center line up with the inside of your left leg on left seat landing helped a lot.


2. Work hard on coordination! This plane demands excellent stick and ball!


3. Start with 15 flaps then go to zero then work on 30 to 40.


4. You will notice quickly that slow pattern speeds compared to higher speeds will amplify flight actions (rudder coordination work, feeling of turbulence, the Rotax high rpm 5500 engine sound and quick acceleration speeds outside the pattern). This aircraft gains speed quickly as it's so slippery. So watch flap speeds when returning to the pattern.


I love my CTSW so much I can't even say enough without sounding obsessed!


Ok I'm obsessed!????????????????

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Mr Buckaroo,

Yes Sir - the obsession with the CT is contagious haha.   That's why many of us are on this site daily !!    I too love my CT LOL  oh - and what makes it so much more fun is this forum with all the help and guidance everyone offers. 

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