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Lumbar Support


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Who has added an aftermarket lumbar support or lumbar pad to your seat in the CTLS? 


ive looked on amazon and their are a lot of options for lumbar supports that wrap around the seats. I'd like to know if any of you have already narrowed down the best choice.



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I bought these and put them in on both seats:


The installation takes a bit of wrestling, because you have get the seat covers off.  I put some adhesive velcro on the inflatable cushion, and the seat pan back, and stuck them together in the position I wanted them in.  They don't move at all, and you can take the seat covers back off and adjust the cushion position if it's not perfect the first time.  

I ran the bulbs along the outside edge of the seat, by the door.  They are never in the way, but additional back support is just a bulb-squeeze away by reaching down.  Most people who see them assume the airplane came that way, since it's all inside the seats.  Not bad for $82 (a single is $50, a pair is $82).

They are very durable, I've had them on there for three years and neither has ever leaked or had problems, even though I usually forget to deflate them after a flight and leave them fully pumped up.  If one ever dies I'll buy a new set and keep a spare on hand.

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18 minutes ago, Trip said:

I use this brand in all my chairs at home and I couldn't get by without it.  I bought another brand and it was cheaply made.   The Travelon has held up for 2+ years.

Concur 100%.

I bought two of those for my CTSW, 2 years ago, and frankly, mcould not do without them.

For my airplane and back . . . they are a must . . . especially for cross country flights.

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