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Rotax ASB Issued for 912iS and 912is Sport


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Rotax has issued an ASB for all 912iS and iS Sport engines.  FD has issued an SB (just confirming the Rotax ASB).   Its a visual inspection, can be performed by owner or mechanic.   Just sharing.   FD owners flying a plane with a 912iS or iS Sport engine should have gotten an email from Flight Design.  If you did not, you might want to make sure your current email address is in FDUSA's files so you get future notifications.

ASB-912 i-007iS_Checking of the correct positioning of sealing plug in ignition housing for ROTAX Engine Type 912 i (Series)[1].pdf


The email received:

Dear Flight Design CTLSi owner.
Attached for your attention are copies of two Service Bulletins.
1. Rotax ASB – 912 i-007iS
2. Flight Design ASTM CTLS SB 99 -07     
The Rotax Alert Service Bulletin is regarding the visual inspection of a plug at the rear of the 912iS engine.
The Flight Design Bulletin just confirms that it is something required for CTLSi owners.
The Required inspection can be done visually by removing the upper and lower engine cowlings and following the
directions given in the Bulletin.  This inspection can be done by the owner/operator but if you have any doubt of
your ability to perform the inspection, please get help from a qualified mechanic.
If it is determine that the seal is not correct you will need to contact a Rotax iRMT to get the seal installation
corrected. If you have any further questions regarding this please send us an email at: topservice@flightdesignusa.com
Flight Design USA                   



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