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Flap light in the flap setup display


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Dear CT flyers,

Today during a flight with my CTLS, I noticed a red light in the right higher side of the -6 degree flap indicator.

I reduced the speed, moved the flap position to 0 degree, the screen showed 0 without the previous light.

Then I moved the flap to -6 position again and the screen showed -6 and the high right side light on again (see picture).

I looked in the manuals but could find the meaning of those lights (upper right side and lower right side.

When flap in 30 degree going to land, lower right side light didn’t light up

After landing, I moved the flap back to -6 and this time, higher right side light didn´t light up.

 Which are the purpose of those lights in the flap position indicator?


Thank you in advance



Flap light.jpg

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I am far from an expert, and your CTLS display looks a bit different than on my CTSW, but according to my Operating Instructions, the upper right LED indicates "maximum up deflection."  In the instructions it describes this when operating the flaps manually (rotating the control to the left) to know when the max up position is reached.

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