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No, this is not about Michael Vick!


We have Netflix streaming through our ROKU box. Based on my viewing/rating history, Netflix recommended this:




Just made it through Season 1 (Season 2 is not up yet).


Recommended. Uses modern flight simulation to out you into (and out of) the cockpit. Lots of info about the planes (and ships) involved, and dogfighting tactics, from WWII to modern jet warfare. The warbirds at Sun 'n' Fun and/or Oshkosh will mean more to me now.


The only sad part is that a joyous activity such as flying has to almost immediately be turned into a way of killing others - you can't help but feel that the German, Japanese, Egyptian, Russian and other pilots who died would have just loved to have shared a beer and talked aviation.


Not to wax philosophic, but I had to have mixed feelings when one of the "enemy" perished in flames.


So it goes...

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