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Firewall blankets

Roger Lee

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Hi All,



Get'er done!


For the 25-30 or so CT's that still need firewall blankets this may be an expensive year. There were approximately 110 CT's that needed firewall blankets. They are close to being done except for about 25-30 CT's. FD pays $1000 of the $1450 it cost to do the work, plus there may be small cost for other parts. For most that need this work you will need to do the 5 year rubber replacement this year, too. If you procrastinated to do the firewall this may be a little more expensive year than planned for. Stabilator's should all be done by now as the time limit has expired, so I hope you attended to this SB or this will not only add to this years cost, but not being in compliance with the stab SB puts you on the ground and out of airworthy. Once the remaining firewall blanket owners get down to a manageable number it will eventually be mandatory.

Everyone should have have the FD aluminum fuel filter and metal in line fuel tube. There should not be any plastic filters in any CT any more. All 2006 CTSW's should have the trim tab spring mod done. That time limit is gone by years.

Wing removal and inspection was and is due by the first 100 hrs. after the second annual. Then every 600 hrs. after that.



Don't let mandatory SB's slide by because if you travel out of town to a mechanic it could get you grounded at the worst possible moment and it won't be the mechanic's fault.

You might guess why I'm all of a sudden writing about getting mandatory SB's done and getting grounded. Don't let it happen to you be proactive and get these done.

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Roger, I read the wing inspection different than what you are saying. It says every 600 hours or, meaning if you get to 600 hours before 2 years you have to do it. Then it says the first 100hr after 2 years. Wouldn't this be from the last inspection? That is the way I read it anyway. Tom

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Hi Tom,


Your right, I just don't know of anyone that put 600 hrs. on in the first 2 years. 600 hrs. for many comes between the third and six annual.

I usually do it on the third annual which puts most planes close for the first 100 hrs. after the second annual. You don't have to wait to hit that exact mark and could do it a little early. Most of my guys seem to get it done on the third annual.

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Hi All, FYI




There are approximately 22-24 CT's that need the firewall blanket left in the US. Some are getting them done with this 5 year rubber hose replacement that is due this year for all 2006 CTSW's. The 2005 CTSW's were due last year. If you have a 2005 and have not done the 5 year rubber hose replacement then you are out of airworthy compliance.

Don't complain just about just Rotax with this hose replacement program because Continental and Lycoming have them too.


Those of you that need both firewall blanket and hose replacement may want to get them done at the same time because the engine has to be removed for both. Might as well only pay once if you are at this point.


If you take your CT out of town for maint. plan on at least 3 days for the hose replacement and if you tack on an inspection make it at least 5 days depending on your mechanic. Add an extra day if you need the blanket done at the same time.


The big years in CT sales were 2006 and 2007. Maybe close to 200 or more for both years. I would highly recommend that you do not wait to the end of the month for this hose replacement coupled with an inspection. It may get too crowded at the mechanics hangers and parts may be an issue.


I'm trying to get FD to make up a kit that will be an easy order and less work for them. They are as of this moment short on parts. I have talked to a Rotax distributor also trying to get them to have a kit available. If I get any more info I'll let you know. Everyone involved (owners, Rotax distributor's and FD) will have to be a little proactive and step up to the plate. Waiting to the last minute may cause you a parts issue. It is not an issue right now, but there are many 2006 CT's to take care of this year.


Plan Ahead! Don't wait until the last week of the month of an inspection or you may be stuck.



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Hi Roger,


Originally there was approximately 110 CT's that needed firewall blankets. They didn't make it mandatory at the time because there were not enough people to install them and at $1000 reimbursement and suppling all the kits would have been to financially draining. Now they are down to under 20 and some are getting them done with the 5 year rubber parts replacement (if your smart you will, and it helps protect you and your unsuspecting passenger). So it will be down to a couple of hold outs by the end of the year. It's getting down to a manageable number so you never know when they will finish this project off and make it mandatory.


So right at this time it is optional, but coming soon to a theater near you it will be mandatory.

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Roger Lee, this is a great post. Kudos.


I have done many of these fire blanket mods and it is a great improvement to the overall quality of the CTSW. I dont think alot of owners realize the firewall is composite and only 1 MM thick with no fire protection. Also it is a great noise dampener.


I can help anyone who may need this done as well, but things are starting to pick up with all the 5 years coming in.

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