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Starts but won't STOP !? (CT2K)


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After doing a bunch of maintenance work (replacing the LargeEngineFrame (old one bent & cracked), 5yr Rubber replacement, Firewall heat-shielding, new FuelPump, Header-wrap, etc) I did an oil purge, checked valve tappets and it starts and runs beautifully on 1&2.

At about 3000rpm, get a drop of 150rpm when switched to ignition 2, but when switched to ignition 1, the rpm goes back UP to same as 1&2 !

Turn to "off" and the engine keeps running !  (FlyDat goes blank but the engine keeps running smoothly)

Have gone over the earthing points and cleaned all the surfaces with emery paper - no change.

The Ignition Modules are the older style, 4-pin connector types..


Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Thank you, Corey and Roger.

Checked the IgnitionSwitch wiring, Ground was good, IgnitionSwitch functioning correctly, & continuity to end of each white Grounding wire at IgnitionModules was good.

Then I found the problem ... a sneaky, internally-broken brown wire (wire felt like it had no 'backbone') near the connector where the white Grounding wire comes from the IgnitionSwitch to the bottom IgnitionModule - so it could never turn off.

Fixed that and now it is working like it should.

Thank you again !



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