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Old crosswind runway found

Ed Cesnalis

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Then Mammoth June Airport once had a crosswind runway.  Since then 09 / 27 has been moved farther east so the crosswind no longer intersects.

I haven't seen it in decades but here it is as a depression in the snowpack.



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My logbook shows a landing there in '77... but I don't specifically remember a crosswind runway.

I do remember that the airport access road used come off 395 at the convict lake intersection. That was the east end of the runway then. Now that the access road has been moved to the west side, bisecting your crosswind strip, and a fence added between the access road and the main runway, I think the utility of that strip for crosswind use is pretty well lost to the world.

The time machine function in Google Earth shows what the airport looked like in 1993. At that point it had already been reconfigured, but the evidence of an intersecting crosswind is still clearly etched in the ground.

I've noticed several airports have abandoned their crosswind strips, sometimes with little note. Current charts show a crosswind at Cochise County, AZ, for example. You come a long way in a light sport on a windy day, just for that runway, only to find its X'd out.

Mike Koerner

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