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Garmin Updates Available

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


There are new Garmin GPS updates available. For the 296 it's 5.9, for the 396 it's 5.1 and for the 496 it's 4.3.


The updates are for;

  • Improved GPS satellite acquisition processing
  • Updated magnetic variation table with IGRF 2010 model

Take your GPS home and hook it up and just download right off the computer. It takes maybe 3 min. total. The download takes about 30 seconds.

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Thanks for the head's up!


I was going to bring my 496 home to update the aviation db (which I do a few times a year) and the obstacle db (which I do annually).


I'll do the system software, too.


BTW, I no longer bother with the AOPA update, since I have it on my iPhone.


And not to hijack the thread, but a Cirrus owner came up with "N Numbers" for the iPhone (and soon for the Android). Just 99¢. Stores registration info on all N numbers locally on the phone so you can look up that info whether or not you're online:



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