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Canyon exits - compared

Ed Cesnalis

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I noticed that I do about 24 canyon exits per week and I do both kinds.

  • The min speed turn I often use at the Canyon's far end from a point where I must turn around and I shoot the peaks on the rim as I do the turn.
  • Steep descending, or if close to canyon floor, a wing over.  Either up or down I use my required turning radius vertically.

The classic min speed exit is very uncomfortable because you are blind and at the mercy of your judgement. If your judgement is off you drift into the downwind canyon wall. 

Turning vertically is generally easy in the Sierra's steep canyons especially since I keep my speed up.  I use a vertical exit when the shooting is over.  A simple steep descending turn with excessive bank and lightly loaded wings is most common and not dependent on power as is a wing over.

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