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While I wait to purchase another CT  I need something to play with, I picked this up for 500 and hope I can transform it to the finished product as shown in pic 2.

i have the instructors seat, plotters, wings, etc. now I just need to get drawings, etc in order to get it back to original working condition.






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No BRS,but the electronic boards are marked as mfg:1968

I have some drawings and in lieu of modern day pic it uses the old gate logic to create the binaries used for instruments and radios.

Gonna definitely have some fun with this for sure.

Gonna beat the heck out of the ATC table top sim I have.

Best to all



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The old 7400 series chips can in most cases be upgraded to 7400ls series to improve speed and power consumption.. Now I am really showing my age.

On another thought the little stubby wings will mean a pretty high stall speed.

Just rambling, time for another cup of tea. 

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On 2/16/2018 at 1:53 PM, WmInce said:

I know I am really dating myself, but my first encounter with instrument training (1968) was in a device very similiar to that.

It was built by Singer and "pneumatically" driven.

We called it "the blue canoe." No fond memories.


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