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Acceptable Coolant Types


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I recently got a plane in the shop which has green coolant in the engine.  It also (surprise!) has a coolant leak at the water pump seal.  I was not aware of green coolant being approved, so I called down to Lockwood about it.  I was told that green coolant, though not prohibited, is not recommended due to the silica content.  They said the silica will come out of the coolant in the wrong places, and could cause things like a leaking water pump seal.  SI-912-016 goes over which coolants are permitted.  It specifically lists Glysantin (which Flight Design puts in at the factory) and Dex-Cool, among others.  Dex-Cool is the easiest to source here.  Avoid the "universal" coolants, and the green stuff.  Just use Dex-Cool.  It's got the same availability and is the recommended coolant.

As a side note, remember that waterless coolant is not permitted in the injected engines.  For more information, refer to the SI.

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Hi Arian,

I always love this particular conversation about coolants. Rotax told me the same thing in the early 2000’s. (Old out of date info)

The story starts with once upon a time the green standard coolant back before 1995 did have silicates. Preston and others have not had silicate since then. I ask them directly. Preston’s said they only make one diesel coolant with silicate since 1995. The standard green coolant is okay to use, but has a shorter life limit compared to the DexCool orange with its extended life limit. So no the green standard coolant has no silicate, but should be changed in 2 years because it breaks down sooner than the orange extended life which could go to the 5 year rubber change. That said for the lousy 3/4 gal of coolant it wouldn’t hurt to swap the DexCool orange extended life coolant out somewhere before the 5 year mark. It only takes a few minutes. Back along time ago before a lot of aluminum was used in coolant systems this was a concern, but not anymore since most are all compatible now.

The water payment housing weep hole can have some leakage during cold weather which is normal. Usually about 1-3 tablespoons. Huge puddles would be a different issue. Glysantin is more common in Europe.

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Hello, since now 25 years we use on 912, 912S, 914 the Volkwagen or Audi liquid cooler G12 and now G13

This liquid have many advantages

Guarantee for life there is no need to replace it.

Not combustible.

Self sealing for small leaks.

Instructions for use with dilution to obtain temperature protection are mentioned on the can.

Colour is pink

P/N:  G12 and now G13.

It is a reliable solution, we find it at Volkswagen and Audi dealers.

Excuse my poor English, have a good day






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