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Andy Loves UAVionix

Roger Lee

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16 hours ago, FlyingMonkey said:

I think those thinks are hideously ugly, and would be double ugly (and maybe have poor reception) next to a CTSW droop wingtip.

I do like their EchoUAT, and plan to install one.

That's an understatement. That thing is flat butt ugly.

So far, I plan to install the uAvionix echoUAT+SkyFYX-EXT (hard wired to xpndr), The reviews have been good.

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6 minutes ago, coppercity said:

The Echo UAT with SkyFYX is a great way to go, thus far the reception of the Skybeacon on the CTLS wingtip has been problematic based on my testing.

Thanks for the report, Eric.

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4 hours ago, solarguy54 said:

Roger- what's the status of uAvionix on the wingtip of a CTSW? 1. does it work? 2. does it need an MRA?

Hi Sid,

I have not had the opportunity to test it on a CTSW yet.  It might work very well if the CTSW wingtip is fiberglass vs the carbon tip of the LS.  I would ask Arian or Tom regarding the MRA, it can be installed without any modification to the wingtip and can use the existing wiring and connectors, however it is not original equipment.

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