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composiclean 4 part system


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Went all out for spring and tried a four step composiclean system.

step 1.

wipe down with wet rag, then wipe down with a wet rag with composiclean bucket wash in it, then wet rag, then dry

step 2.

Claybar using composiclean spray wax as clay lubricant. Straight alternating passes. This sucks out any impurities or dirt in the paint. You can “feel” it work. 

step 3.

buff with random orbital buffer using composiclean Haze Glaze. This is a very fine polish and cleaner.

step 4.

composiclean spray wax. 2 rags. One to spread it, one to buff the haze off.


It is a lot of work but it is absolutely 100% worth it. Every little imperfection I had Is gone, and despite it being a white epoxy based paint it has real depth to it. What’s more the paint has a *soft* feel to it. 

My plane was and is VERY well maintained so this was hardly a rehab project, but I can honestly say the plane looks brand new. I recommend this method. 

I’m expecting an extra five knots with the extra smooth surface ?


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There's nothing wrong with using a rotary buffer with terry cloth before clay barring but after the initial hand wash and rinse. Just make sure you you either use an orbital, or do wide circles if you have a rotary. 

It's nit as bad as cars, but some dirt needs some extra mechanical convincing to free up before clay barring, and you will sig ificantly lower the invested time in the long run if you have a plane that hasn't ever been clay barred.

If you keep the wax up, especially on the belly, it makes it easier to clean in the future too.

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