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Fuel Pressure Sensor

NC Bill

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Hi Bill,

Before you do these things below slide the two connectors on and off and after you put them back on give them a little squeeze with a pair of pliers. You don't need to crush them.

When these senders hang upside down on the back of the fire wall (just below the battery) the fuel in the hose sits and never sees new fuel so it gets old. The small hole in the sender gets a tad clogged just like an idle jet in the carb when fuel sits for long periods. You have two choices. I have had good luck with taking the sender off and placing the tip of the red plastic nozzle from the Brakekleen carb cleaner spray can Right up against the tiny hole in the sender. I spray just a quick squirt in the hole 4-5 times. This helps clean it and exercise the mechanistic inside the sender. many times this works. Or you can go to egauges.com and buy a new sender (360-043) for $30.

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