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Throttle cable routing


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I'm doing my annual and I noticed a throttle cable routing problem. I assume my mechanic (where I purchased my CTSW in Tulsa, OK) routed the cables that way because it was easier for him to tighten/adjust them. But, the cables were rubbing against the cable housing end fitting and they were pulling at quite an angle. I also came up with a way to take the slack out of the throttle cable while I was tightening the cable (see mini vice grips and tie wrap in second picture). To tighten the cable clamp fitting I used an open end wrench and needle nose pliers (but you could cut down an allen wrench very short to get to the allen socket in the clamp bolt). I also reversed the throttle spring to hold it against the idle adjustment stop during this process (picture does not show that).

I'd love to hear any feed back on this, anybody doing it this way??? I'm thinking this has to be the correct way.

Throttle cable bad routing.jpg

Throttle cable good routing.jpg

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