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High EGT Reading


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Normal EGT. (800C) 1470F

Max EGT. ( 850C) 1560F

Max EGT at take off ( 880C) 1616F


If your not over those you have no chance of causing serious damage to the engine due to a lean mixture. Your spread is heavily dependent on carb balance, well balanced carbs should not spread more that about 10-40 degrees, some installations see spreads as high as 100F but this is usually localized to the 2000-3500 rpm area and has more to do with variances with internal carb spring length/pressure along with poorly designed throttle linkage.

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If it did get that high for real then you have some work ahead with special checks in the maint manual. This would include removing heads, doing hardness checks on metals, all kinds of things. You don't want to go there and not be sure of the real temp.

The other engine temps would all be affected so if it was only the EGT and no other temps changed then I would take a real hard look at my Dynon.

The good news is I don't believe it really got that high. That's off the charts. I would take a look at my Dynon and check for issues like a bad ground, a bad EGT probe, software, ect.... Was it only one EGT temp or both? I have a hard time believing that high of a temp.

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