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Think first and be mentally prepared

Roger Lee

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Great video Roger. Thanks for posting.

The cat survived. But when the aircraft stopped on the ground it was GONE!!

The Beaver on floats was at Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage. The accident happened right in front of my office. I wasn't in at the time.

Landed on many beaches in my younger, cheaper airplane, days. Gotta be able to read the sand. Soft, dry sands are problematic, as can be cross winds and a slope steeper than you think it is. And, don't forget, if the tide is out it's gonna come back in. Maybe while you're off fishing. Never wrecked one but I was pretty cautious.

That red/white RV(?) was going to flip even if he was on the beach. He made the choice to get wet. Maybe because he didn't want to hit anyone?

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