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Shaft bearing


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16 minutes ago, Lsapilot said:

1. How does one check prop shaft bearing?  

2. When moving each blade for and aft I get a slight movement. Is that normal? Neuform prop  


If you are talking in direction of relation, then yes it is normal. That is the gear lash.

If you are talking about direction of flight ,then no it is not normal. If this is the one make sure you are not letting it turn a little bit and feeling the lash.

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Thanks for your response.

I think it's gear lash.   I was mistaken with my analysis.   I returned to the plane and discovered that I was wrong  thinking  that the movement was for and aft.  In fact it's rotational.  by moving one blade back and forth in a rotational direction, (of course nowhere near turning the engine over), the other two move in unison. It's very slight, fraction of an inch., and I only need one finger to move the blade. What do you think...

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