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406 ELT requirments for Mexico


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BBP Alert:  406 issue comes to a head
In the second advisory within 24 hours, the BBP has been informed that a 406 ELT will be required on all aircraft flying in Mexico. 

There is zero tolerance with no warnings being issued.

Additional information has been provided the BBP that as of end of day, June 30, any aircraft in Mexico that does not have a 406 ELT will be grounded. 
As incorrectly reported earlier, there will be no warning.  Mexico states that they have given the flying community over 15 years of extensions to allow time for all to add the required ELT and June 30, 2018 is the final deadline.  There will be no more extensions.
We are trying to find out more information regarding aircraft in Mexico past that date that do not have the required ELT.  As soon as the dust settles on this one, we will do another alert.
I repeat, do not take your aircraft to Mexico after June 30 if you do not have a 406 installed.  And you might be making plans to move your aircraft out of Mexico if it is there without one….
More to come as we get additional information.

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