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Junkers Chute / Harnesses CT2k

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Looking for a Junkers Chute & Rear Harness to replace the one removed from our CT2k by a previous (mis-guided) owner.


Whilst I have a BRS1350HS that would fit, as the harnesses are different to the Junkers ones factory-installed inside the 'A' pillars (Junkers 40" shorter than BRS ones), I would need to remove them and re-thread the BRS ones through the 'A' pillars - Roger & Corey advised it would be very difficult to do - hence I am looking for Junkers gear ...

Any leads gratefully received.





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18 hours ago, Anticept said:

The other question is, are the straps rated for the load?

How did you come up with 40 inches too short? If you have the wrong lengths, it's going to put a lot of strain on straps at the wrong time.

Be very careful!

Thanks Corey.

The current straps are factory-installed for Junkers 472.5Kg MTOW and if I add 'extensions' to them, they will be from higher-load BRS1350HS straps.

I roughly measured the in-situ straps as being approx.91" and the FD Parts Manual describes the BRS ones as 132".

BRS Installation Manual gives guidance on setting attitude-under-chute (ensuring that front wheel hits first to absorb impact energy, etc), so determining the lengths of front and rear straps to achieve a front-wheel down attitude shouldn't be too much of a problem (thanks Mr Pythagoras).

I am figuring that having a 'second-chance' device that might work, is better than not having anything at all - thinking of those fatalities where the PiC had a suspected heart-attack and went in, killing the passenger etc ...

Thank you again for your input.



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