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Having worked in shops on many different aircraft over the years I decided to go to Blue Ridge Community College.

On Friday 29 June I successfully completed the 120 Hour (3 week) LSRM-A course given at Blue Ridge Community College, Weyers Cave Virginia.

Fred Dyen is the Professor instructing the course. In my opinion he is one of the best at his game. I learned a lot from him. We had eleven well prepared people, including a husband and wife team take the class. If you are interested in taking this course be prepared to do some cramming like we did in University. We got together after dinner each evening in study groups at Shenandoah Valley Airport terminal. Airport Managment was supportive. In addition to exams there are also projects to turn in. Don’t worry it is all good stuff and we’ll worth the expense and effort. If you are thinking about taking the course I can try and answer any questions. Having passed the course the FAA will give you the LSRM-A license which allows one to sign off an Annual Condition Inspection for hire on an SLSA or ELSA. If you don’t have good experience. I would highly recommend working alongside a real Mechanic to build the necessary experience. Declaring an Aircraft AIRWORTHY is not to be taken lightly. Remember your ticket is only a license to learn.

Oliver Downey


Wilmington NC


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